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HD‐7500BL / HD‐7500BLX


bendpakonwhiteDon’t trust your precious boat to the unpredictability of the water, dry dock or yard storage. BendPak’s HD‐7500BL and HD‐7500BLX boats lifts are a far better boat storage solution. Because they feature adjustable runways that accommodate cars and trucks as well, they also double as a DIY service lift or vehicle storage solution.

Our boat storage lifts are crafted to the same strict specifications as our high‐quality automotive lifts, so you know that your boat is safer than ever. Top‐of‐the‐line materials, industrial design, best‐in‐class engineering and convenient features that you won’t find anywhere else are all hallmarks of our new BendPak boat storage systems

Using a premier BendPak boat storage lift is also a great way to shield
you from monthly boat storage fees. The larger the boat, the bigger
the bill—but there’s no more cost‐effective way to keep your boat safe than storing it in your own garage. Boat storage business owners can also benefit from BendPak boat lifts. You understand better than anyone what a difference increased storage capacity can mean for your bottom line. Offering your customers the safest, tailor‐made boat storage lifting solution available today is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Don’t take chances—make sure your boat is high and dry on a BendPak boat storage lift.

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