Mac Russell

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Joe Mendola:

I just want to thank you for the knowledge, experience and professionalism that you displayed on the recent visits at my home to correct many discrepancies as a result of a poorly and improperly lift installation done 5 years ago by someone else.

It is so refreshing to witness someone who is really an expert in what they do, and you sure are an expert with lifts! You have given me the comfort and peace of mind that my lift is now safe and thus my collection of antique cars on either side of it!

Joe, I would be pleased if you would use me as a reference for your work ability should anyone ask you for a reference. I don’t offer that very often, but with you it would be my privilege to do so. You are welcome to have people email me at: or call me on my cell phone at 305-812-5161. If they email me tell them to please put “Lift Reference” in the subject line. On my cell phone, tell them to leave a message that mentions that they are checking a reference on you.

Again, thank you so much for all the fine work you did in “tuning up” my lift. It is sincerely appreciated!

Mac Russell

Ennice, North Carolina