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Automotive Equipment Installation has completed jobs for municipalities, including the NCDOT Maintenance Facilities of Nashville, McCleansville, and Henderson, North Carolina. We have also installed lifts for the NC Department of Agriculture and other major government organizations.  See the albums below for our favorite government jobs.  Please do not hesitate to call us or email us for more information or a quote.

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Lift service for the public works garage in Fayetteville, NC.  2014

Installation of Stertil Koni 18,000 lb. 2-post for NCDOT Maintenance Facility. McCleansville, NC. (November 2012)

City of Charlotte 90,000 lb. inground heavy-duty scissor lift service/scheduled maintenance.

40,000 lb. Bend-Pak 4-post lift installation for the City of Hendersonville, North Carolina maintenance garage. Sept. 2012

2- post lift install for Rockingham County Sheriff's Maintenance Garage. (2011)

Installation of 18,000 LB Stertil-Koni 2-post lift at NCDOT Maintenance Facility. Henderson, NC. (December 2011)

Bend-Pak 10,000 lb. 2-post lift installation for the City of Inman, SC Maintenance Facility. (2008)

Installation of Worth 12,000 lb. truck lift for City of Hendersonville, NC Maintenance Garage. (September 2010)

Installation of Champion 11,000 lb. 2-post lift for NC Department Agriculture. Salisbury, NC. (May 2010)

Bend-Pak 2-post turf lift installed for City of Sanford NC Horticultural Dept. (September 2010)

12,000 lb. 4-post Quality lift installed for the Town of Huntersville, NC Public Works Dept. (June 2011)