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Automotive Equipment Installation has completed many residential jobs for 2 post lift.  Take a look at the MaxJax as well, a portable 2 post lift.  See the albums below for our favorite residential 2 post installations.  Please do not hesitate to call us or email us for more information or a quote.

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Residential 2 Post Albums

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Bend-Pak 10,000 lb. 2-post lift install for Jim Slate. Mooresville, NC. (August 2009)

Installation of Quality 10,000 lb. 2-post lift for Gerard Reid in Huntersville, NC. (2008)
Notice the recessed area in the dry wall ceiling to create space for the new lift.

Champion 2-post floorplate model installed in home garage for David West. Weddington, NC. (May 2011)

Champion 2 post lift installed for road racer Jamie Hacking.

BendPak 2 post lift installed for Brian Oaks in Taylorsville, NC.

Hendrick Porsche service manager Quentin Boatright is also a weekend road racer.  Check out the BendPak 2 post AEI installed in his home garage.

Champion 9000 Lb 2 Post lift installed for David Salama to work on his road racing cars.  Cornelius, NC

Portable 2 post MaxJax lift installed for Mike Carver.

BendPak 9000 lb. Shorty 2 Post lift installed in Monroe, NC (1/1/2016)

Bob Guth with his Bend Pak 10K 2-post lift.
Installed April 2020, Mooresville, NC