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Automotive Equipment Installation offers and installs a variety of 4 post lifts, as these are the most popular choice.  They have been purchased by clients from an NFL player to Pat Nixon – classic car collector.  If you need more information about 4 post lifts visit the lifts section.  See the albums below for our favorite residential 4 post installations.  Please do not hesitate to call us or email us for more information or a quote.

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Residential 4 Post Albums

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Bend-Pak superwide 4-post installed for Robert Canino in Sherrills Ford, NC. (December 2012)

Quality 4-post home storage lift installed in Charlotte, NC.

Installing a Quality 4-post home storage lift for Mark Tinley in Lake Norman, NC was a challenge! Positioning the lift and cars was critical. Talk about a tight fit with the load bearing beam overhead is nesting into the front seat of the car on top.
In this instance a couple inches were literally all we had to spare.

Installation of Bend-Pak 9000 lb. superwide 4-post. For Mr. Bill Perry of Winston Salem, NC. (May 2012)

Notice the garage door track modification in the bay where lift is installed.
Installation of Quality 9000 lb. 4-post lift for Mike Rogers. Weddington, NC. (October 2010)

Superwide 4-post lift installed for Jim Emad. Charlotte, NC. (May 2011)

Installation of Bend-Pak HD-9 4-post lift in home garage of Dennis McCormick. Charlotte, NC.

Champion 4-post home storage lift installed for Jack Goodison for Corvette storage. Mt. Holly, NC. (March 2011)

2 Champion 4-Post storage lifts installed for Ron Gillams at his home in Sherrill's Ford, NC. (2009)

Quality 9000 lb. 4-post storage lift installed for Mr. & Mrs. Jim Campbell of Mooresville, NC. (September 2010)
Notice the top right picture showing the rolling bridge jack and use picking up the front of the car.

Installation of (2) 9000 lb. Bend-Pak 4-post lifts in detached home garage for anonymous NFL player. Lake Wylie, SC. (2009)

Quality home storage lift installed for Tom Lombardo to store his pair of Corvettes. Weddington, NC.

Multiple Dannmar D-7 7000 lb. 4-post home hobby lifts AEC installed for classic car collector Pat Nixon. Stanley, NC. (2005)

Installation of (2) Bend-Pak HD-9  4-post lifts at the home of Dewy Graham (Corvette collector). Charlotte, NC. (June 2010)

Installation of Champion 8000 lb. 4-post lift installed for Al Eastlack for his classic Mustang to park.
Moorseville, NC. (Sept. 2011)

Champion 4-post home storage lift. 
Chuk Burgess, Huntersville, NC.

Champion 8000 lb. 4-post lift for Corvette lover Bill Ayres. Denver, NC (2010)

David Meyers Quality 7000 lb. 4-post storage lift. He gained an extra parking space. Cornelius, NC.

Installation of home storage 4-Post Quality lift for Matt Lankford in Denver, NC. (2010)

Bob Guth and Joe Mendola after installing BendPak super wide lift. Mooresville, NC (2014)

7000 lb. 4-Post installed for Mr. and Mrs. Dave Rubick.  Governor's Island, NC

BendPak Superwide 4-Post lift installed by AEI for James Kaster.  (2014)

Installation of Quality 4 Post lift for Daryl Wodecki. Click here to view Air Compressors and Piping portfolio for the Daryl Wodecki air compressor installation. (2014)

Installation of 2 Quality 4 Post lifts and 1 Quality Single Post lift for a car enthusiast at The Pointe. (Anonymous)

Quality 4 Post lift installed for Mark Angle in Cherryville, NC.

Four Post lift installed for Dan Gould in Charlotte, NC.

Bendpak 4 post install for Dennis Hanson.

BendPak HD-9 install for Dave Coll of Harrisburg, NC.

Quality 7000 lb. Four Post lift installed for Chris Fasulka of Denver, NC.

Bend Pak 7000 lbs. Four Post lift installed for Jeremy A. of Mount Pleasant, SC.  (January 2016)

Bend Pak 4-Post install for anonymous car collector in Greer, SC 2016

Two Quality 9000 lb. 4 Post lifts installed for Raymond Ni of Greensboro, NC (2015)

BendPak four post lift installed for Chris Hoff of Charlotte, NC (2016)

Quality 4 Post lift installed for Greg Konney of Charlotte, NC 2016

Bendpak SuperWide installed for J Novy of Fort Mill, SC (2016)

BendPak superwide in the new 2017 gun-metal-gray powder coating. For J. Hamby Concord, NC.

Magnum Supersized 9000 installed for Eric Hillman - Charlotte 2017

 Bend Pak Triple Wide 4-post install Charlotte, NC

Bend Pak boat trailer lift installed for F Sparkman , Waxhaw NC, 2019

Installed for Rich Stavridis, Mooresville, NC.