$4995 – Magnum Super Size 9K

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$4995.00 Installed plus tax and freight! Delivered and installed within 75 miles! The longest, tallest and widest lift in its class Click to see full specifications on Magnum’s site. 6 Month Warranty for Parts and Labor!


James Kaster

Client Testimonials
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AEI had the privilege of installing a BendPak Super Wide 4-Post lift for James Kaster. We appreciate him as a client and his kind words about the crew: “Hi Joe, The guys were great and did a wonderful job… –James” (excerpt of full email) Thankfully this tends to be the consensus among our clients. Thanks […]


Bend-Pak Car Lifts

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The Best Lifting Solution for Every Kind of Automobile Bend-Pak offers a great selection of car lifts, including 2 Post, 4 Post, parking, alignment lifts, specialty lifts, and more.  Check out Bend-Paks site for more specs, models and information.  AEI delivers and installs Bend-Pak products.    


Hofmann Alignment Lifts

Alignment Lifts
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Hofmann carries a variety of alignment lifts, all of which AEI offers and installs.  Check out the video below or visit Hofmann’s site for more specs, features, and information.