Omer TriPark 3 High Lift

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Dependent car stacker, designed and made in Italy. Rugged, compact and designed for repeatability. Features a compact design–utilizing a minimal footprint, optimizing efficiency and allowing for the maximum number of vehicles in a given space.

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Lift Specifications
Model TriPark 25
Capacity 5,510 lb. / 2.5T
Standard Lifting Height* 70.5″ – 66.9″ – 76″
1.790mm -1.700mm – 1.930mm
Standard Platform * 81.5″ x 142.5″ / 85.6″ x 142.5″
Net Height * 19.3’/5.800mm
Power 3.4 hp/2.5 kw
Up/down Travel
40/20s (lower
platform) 75/40s
(upper platform)
Power supply 230V-460V/3Ph/ 50-60Hz
Standard Weight 5,066 lbs/2.300 kg
Part Number OMR-TRIPK25


Warranty: 2 Year Parts 1 Year Labor

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