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AEI has been an authorized Bend Pak dealer/5 star service center for over 20 years. Bend Paks longevity in the lift business speaks for itself. For over half a century Bend Pak has been designing and building fine commercial grade lifts and other related equipment.

Bend-Pak Turf Lift

7,000-lb. Capacity, Clearfloor, Turf LiftBendPak XPR-7TRF two-post turf liftThe BendPak XPR-7TR is the most versatile utility vehicle and lawn maintenance equipment turf lift in existence and it’s backed up by the 40-years of lifting knowhow and support excellence that only BendPak can provide. Get the exceptional direct-drive lifting performance and clearfloor convenience your shop needs. This super-industrial-strength piece of equipment has got it all: leading-edge technology, top of the line materials, design that’s ahead of its time and a 3-1/2 ton turf equipment lifting capacity. Fits in shops with ceilings higher than 12’, and it won’t crowd your floor while you work beneath a turf maintenance vehicle.

Bend-Pak Lowrise Pad Lift

When you need to add versatility and productivity to your shop or garage, your first stop should always be a BendPak. Simple, safe and rugged; this rubber-topped low rise lift can handle a mighty 6,000-lb. load without hogging your precious floorspace and can happily fit into narrower bays. The LR-60 is the ideal solution for quick service on today’s passenger cars and light trucks. With wide rubber pads, wheel service and auto-body repair can now be performed on a surprisingly large variety of vehicles. All in all, the LR-60 is perfect for servicing cars and light trucks. For even more adaptable versatility, the included solid rubber lift blocks can be positioned in a variety of pick-up points on unibody and frame-contact undercarriages. Just make sure that you compare your vehicle specifications, including ground clearance and overall height, with the specification tables below before you buy.
Always bet on BendPak for increased durability, safety and productivity. You aren’t going to find comparable quality or value anywhere else—BendPak always bests the rest.
Need the same great compact lifting power on the go? Check out the portable LR-60P.

Bend-Pak Boat Storage Lift

Don’t trust your precious boat to the unpredictability of the water, dry dock or yard storage. BendPak’s HD‐7500BL and HD‐7500BLX boats lifts are a far better boat storage solution. Because they feature adjustable runways that accommodate cars and trucks as well, they also double as a DIY service lift or vehicle storage solution.

Our boat storage lifts are crafted to the same strict specifications as our high‐quality automotive lifts, so you know that your boat is safer than ever. Top‐of‐the‐line materials, industrial design, best‐in‐class engineering and convenient features that you won’t find anywhere else are all hallmarks of our new BendPak boat storage systems

Using a premier BendPak boat storage lift is also a great way to shield
you from monthly boat storage fees. The larger the boat, the bigger
the bill—but there’s no more cost‐effective way to keep your boat safe than storing it in your own garage. Boat storage business owners can also benefit from BendPak boat lifts. You understand better than anyone what a difference increased storage capacity can mean for your bottom line. Offering your customers the safest, tailor‐made boat storage lifting solution available today is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Don’t take chances—make sure your boat is high and dry on a BendPak boat storage lift.

Bend-Pak Heavy Duty Lifts

Whether you need to lift a bus, fleet vehicle, or fire truck, BendPak’s PCL-16HD lift system is designed to meet your needs. This super-duty portable column lift system has a combined lifting capacity of 66,000 lbs. and takes just over one minute to reach the maximum lifting height of 67”. Each column features a mechanical locking system, flow control check valve, pressure relief valve and trouble-free hydraulics for increased safety and reliability. A unique hydraulic control system allows operators to lower the columns manually in the event of a power supply failure. Microprocessor controls combined with a unique hydraulic synchronization system ensures very smooth movement over the entire journey; from floor, to maximum lifting height and back. A hydraulic pallet-truck mechanism, coupled with a tight turning radius, enables one person to move the columns effortlessly. The PCL-16HD system’s controls are easy to use and feature up / down and emergency stop buttons. Includes the added convenience of three separate operation modes: single, pair or all four.
The PCL-16HD-4 is the four-post configuration of the PCL-16HD series. If you need a six-post configuration, check out the PCL-16HD-6.

Bend-Pak Car Lifts

The Best Lifting Solution for Every Kind of Automobile! We’ve got exactly the truck or car lift you’re looking for. A BendPak car lift consistently delivers on a promise of breakthrough quality and unsurpassed engineering excellence. Our legacy of superior craftsmanship is built deep into each of our automotive lifting systems. If it says BendPak, you know you’re lifting with the best.

Bend-Pak offers a great selection of car lifts, including 2 Post, 4 Post, parking, alignment lifts, specialty lifts, and more. Check out Bend-Paks site for more specs, models and information. AEI delivers and installs Bend-Pak products.

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