Once I had decided on the lift I wanted, I contacted the manufacturer to find out if they would recommend an installation company in my area. The lift manufacturer recommended Joe Mendola and Automotive Equipment Company. After Contacting Joe, he came to my home to discuss “lift basics” with me and to determine if I had adequate space for the installation. It was obvious to me that Joe knew his products and was willing to take the time necessary to help me confirm my decision. We discussed several types of lifts, the pros and cons of each, and the likelihood they would properly fit my somewhat unusual space. I had a rather unusual space for the lift and also placed some demands on Joe that he had to work through to achieve. I needed more height under the lift but my garage could not accommodate a bigger lift due to the overall footprint of my parking space. My steps from the garage into the house made the fit even more difficult to figure out. Joe visited with me three different times to discuss my installation and came up with a solution before I committed. He not only wanted to ensure that the lift I had chosen would fit, but also that I was completely satisfied with my decision and had all my questions answered.
After a flawless installation by Joe and his team and my use of the lift for a short period of time, Joe made additional visits to discuss my use of the lift, ensure all adjustments were made and answer any remaining questions that I had. Joe will not leave you with an investment in equipment until you are thoroughly satisfied with its operation.
Too often we are faced with making a call to a company having no idea how trustworthy and honest they are about their products and services. It was refreshing to me to meet someone like Joe Mendola and know he had my best interest in mind and is only interested in my satisfaction once the job was complete. He stands behind his products and service. I have, and will continue, to recommend Joe and Automotive Equipment Company to anyone needing extra space in their garage.

— Chris Wood, Charlotte, NC