Home Lift Install Issues

What to consider when purchasing your lift.

Is your garage car lift ready?
There are several important things to consider before purchasing a new lift for a home garage. The main thing to consider is whether or not your car will be able to lift the entire height of your garage ceiling without encountering obstructions. With AEI these issues can be easily resolved.

Measuring Your Garage

Example: 11′ garage ceiling height (132″) minus 10’6″ of total vertical distance (126″) equals 6″ of cushion space leftover.

Overhead Obstructions

Examples of overhead obstructions which limit lifting travel in low-ceiling residential applications.

Light fixture may come in contact with roof of vehicle.
Garage door motor may come in contact with roof of vehicle.

Garage Door Tracks

Examples of garage door tracks following tightly the contour of the ceiling.

Notice the traditional style garage door track against the modified version in the background. This allows the garage door to be raised while a vehicle remains on the lift, without worrying the garage door will come in contact with the vehicle’s trunk lid or rear glass.

Notice the garage door tracks follow the lines of the vaulted ceiling.
With ample ceiling height available the existing garage door motor and track system can simply be raised up closer to the ceiling. This will allow enough space below for a car underneath.

Side Mounted Garage Door Motors

Examples of side mounted garage door motors to the end of the torsion shaft.

Opposing Lift Master door openers living side by side cleanly, utilizing drive chain system. This eliminates the traditional garage door motor hanging down in the middle of the room.

Single Post vs. 4-Post Space Saving

With a single post lift the garage remains virtually unobstructed.

Notice the posts situated in the natural
walk through area.

A superwide 4-post lift allows 4 cars in a 2 car garage while leaving generous space below to move around.