Ultra Quiet Lift Mounted Integrated Air Compressor

Accessories & Lift Options


Finally, the perfect option for home garages. If you need all the convenience of an automotive lift, but don’t wish to purchase a bulky and expensive full sized air compressor, this setup is for you.

Exclusively offered by Automotive Equipment Installation, the “Ultra Quiet” Lift Mounted Integrated Air Compressor is a lightweight mini compressor mounted directly to the post of your lift. This space and money saving option serves the sole purpose of powering the lift, so you no longer need worry about extra storage and the hassle of mobility that comes with a stand alone style compressor. For the first time, this option seamlessly integrates the air compressor and lift, offering you the upmost style and function without sacrificing the necessary power.

Only $649 Installed! (with purchase of your lift)

  • Ultra quiet (only 56db) “it’s half the noise of an equivalent standard compressor”
  • Oil free, maintenance free, lift mounted air compressor with record fast recovery time.
  • Includes remote moisture drain valve mounted to side of lift post.

Style and color options could change without notice.

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